Awakening the Soul


Master Li Junfeng and Li Jing demonstrate the movement, “Unraveling the Heart”

Master Li Junfeng and Li Jing demonstrate the movement, “Unraveling the Heart”

Awakening the Soul is a simple but profound seated form of Sheng Zhen Meditation. It consists of eight movements/positions and associated contemplations.

For those new to Sheng Zhen, this practice (along with Sheng Zhen Healing Stage One) is the suggested second step, but it is a powerful form for any level practitioner. It is also an excellent way for beginners to ease into non-moving meditation for those who struggle with sitting still for long periods of time.  

Through its gentle movements and beautiful contemplations, Awakening the Soul has the power to open the heart and awaken the soul. When the soul is awakened, one’s life becomes inspired, and doubt and worry cease to exist.


Contemplation for the first movement, Opening the Heart:

In the core of the soul that years to be free

Shines the light of a gentle moonbeam

Piercing the daunting darkness of illusion

Lightly caressing the heart open to see

A sky so clear, air so refreshing

It is so familiar though still a memory

Questions arise. What lies beyond?

Is it just a moonbeam? Will it stay a wish?

Nourished by intention blessed by sweet effort

With a little bit of faith and a pure sense of wonder

Ever so gently ever so slowly

The moon of the heart is revealed