How to Learn Sheng Zhen Meditation

Sheng Zhen Meditation in Australia

Sheng Zhen Meditation in Australia


If you are new to Sheng Zhen Meditation, welcome! There are many ways to learn Sheng Zhen, both in-person and online:

Learn In-Person

It is ideal to learn at a Sheng Zhen class with a certified Sheng Zhen Teacher. 

Teachers often hold regular weekly classes at various times of the day. Sometimes they also offer half-day, full-day or weekend workshops.

There are teachers all over the world teaching Sheng Zhen. See the link below to find a teacher near you. 



Online Learning

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Online Sheng Zhen School

Announcing our new, free online school. Study directly with Master Li Junfeng in the comfort of your own home. New modules each month in 2019.



Vimeo Training Videos

If you cannot learn from a teacher in person, you can learn Sheng Zhen Meditation online through our Vimeo training videos.  These are currently for purchase at a modest cost.  Links to Vimeo trainings are with the sample of each form below. (You will need to set up a Vimeo account -- simply an email and password).  Each Vimeo video has a "trailer" so you can get an idea of the type and quality of training you will receive with Master Li.

Again, take your time learning and practicing a form.  Best to not be in any hurry!   It is best to do one form well for several months (or longer!) before moving on to the next.




Learn directly from Master Li and Li Jing

If you can, take a workshop with Master Li or Li Jing.

Workshops are held in various locations around the world, including Canada, the United States, France, Norway, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Latvia, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, and more.

To see upcoming events, click on the link below.

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Thank you.

Thank you for visiting our website, and for your interest in Sheng Zhen Meditation. 

We hope you will be curious, explore these mystical movements and contemplations, dive deep into your inner essence, use the forms to feel more connected with others and with this beautiful planet, and then come back for more.  There is a "deep well" in experiencing Sheng Zhen Meditation. 

If you have any questions, please contact us, or find a teacher near you with the links at the top of the page.