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Releasing the Heart and Union of Three Hearts Meditation

  • Pallotti Haus Pallottinerstraße 2 Freising Germany (map)

Releasing the Heart and Union of Three Hearts

in Freising (near Munich)

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Releasing the Heart: Practicing Releasing the Heart has the power to bring about peace by removing distinctions between people and reducing conflicts and quarrels. It is a uniquely carefree and vigorous form. This practice has the power to alleviate the heart’s depressions. Practice this form in whatever manner is the most natural and comfortable for you and relish your happy and peaceful heart. 

Union of three Hearts: Union of Three Hearts is a seated, non-moving practice that trains the mind. As this practice quiets the mind, one is able to return to the beginning – to connect with heaven, earth, and with all humanity. Simply breathing lightly and naturally helps the body relax, lose all sense of yourself and forget everything. Freeing the mind of all worries and thoughts. With a tranqu