Heart Mind as One


10 Rising and Descending - Heart Mind.JPG

All forms of Sheng Zhen Meditation help open the heart to experience the power of love, but each form has its own flavor.  Heart Mind as One, which is a standing form involving eleven movements/held positions and associated contemplations, cultivates inner peace and stillness.

The eleven movements of Heart Mind as One calm the disposition, harmonize the qi and bring balance to the body. Inner stillness brings you back to the original purity of the heart, and worries vanish.

The 11 movements of Heart Mind as One:

  1. Man Obtains Heaven and its Divine Empowerment

  2. Returning to Heaven and Becoming One with Nature

  3. Pouring Qi into the Dantian

  4. Bringing One to the Shore of Understanding

  5. Contemplate and Reflect

  6. Descending to Earth

  7. Sheng Zhen Purifies the Person

  8. The Bridge of Heaven’s River

  9. Looking into the Depths of One’s Heart

  10. Looking at Life

  11. Showing the Way to Better the Person

Excerpt from the contemplation for Heart Mind as One:

The mind is calm when free of the small self.
Traveling upwards, it reaches the heavens; downwards, it goes to the earth. All come together in man.
The heart becomes peaceful. There is love in the heart. Allow this feeling to envelope you and lead your mind to subdue all fears and anxieties.
— Sheng Zhen - A Return to Oneness