Heart Spirit as One


Student enjoys Heart Spirit as One in the Austrian alps

Student enjoys Heart Spirit as One in the Austrian alps

Heart Spirit as One consists of three movements/held positions, each with an associated contemplation.  It is practiced sitting on the floor--or on a chair or even a couch. Along with Sheng Zhen Healing Stage Two, it is the suggested fourth step when learning Sheng Zhen.

Despite the simplicity of this form, it is powerful.  It can quickly transport the practitioner into the stillness of the Sheng Zhen state and provide the felt experience that love is the underlying essence of all that is.  

The 3 Movements/Positions of Heart Spirt as One:

  1. Love Descends on Me

  2. Unraveling the Heart

  3. Supreme Truth

Excerpt from a contemplation for the First Movement: Love Descends on Me:

As you open your body to the universe, as you open your heart to the qi and to love, feel yourself expanding, giving love, receiving love.

The universe offers you unconditional love. You are in the universe and the universe is in you.

As the qi pours into your body, love enters your entire being. Consciously welcome love with your whole heart and mind.
— Sheng Zhen - A Return to Oneness