Heaven Earth


Student in Norway practices Heaven Earth, 4th Movement, Qui Er Gazing at the Moon.

Student in Norway practices Heaven Earth, 4th Movement, Qui Er Gazing at the Moon.

The sixteen movements of Heaven Earth Meditation are typically done sitting on the floor, either cross legged or in full or half-lotus position, but can be done on a low stool, if necessary. 

These movements and their associated contemplations nourish the heart and are meant to elevate one’s consciousness to the transcendent realms, bringing one to a state of bliss.  While beautiful to behold or practice, the movements have deep and mystical meanings.

The 16 movements of Heaven Earth Contemplation:

  1. Dragon Flying in the Clouds

  2. Holy Dragon Returning to the Mountains

  3. Cloudy Mountain Going through the Mist

  4. Qui Er Gazing at the Moon

  5. Union of Qi with Heaven

  6. Holding the Lotus and Crossing the Ocean

  7. Shadow from Buddha’s Light

  8. Parting the Clouds and Seeing the Sun

  9. Boat Traveling in Buddha’s Ocean

  10. Returning to Heaven and Returning to Oneness

  11. Returning to the Ninth Level of Heaven

  12. Rain Shower of Apricot Blossoms

  13. Opening and Closing of Bodhi

  14. Qi Returns to One

  15. Rising and Descending

  16. Gathering Qi

Excerpt from the contemplation from Heaven Earth, sixth movement:

Hold the lotus, and cross the ocean. The lotus in each hand points in the direction of purity and love. The ocean beneath you has both ope and suffering.

Just as the waves move up and down, so does life. As the waves of hope and suffering overlap in life, they weave together to become your fate.

The ocean here is a metaphor. Its meaning depends on which direction you are moving. Like a lantern, the pure, bight lotus in each hand show the way.
— Sheng Zhen - A Return to Oneness