Listening to the Heart


Master Li Junfeng teaches Listening to the Heart

Master Li Junfeng teaches Listening to the Heart

Listening to the Heart, which is practiced while sitting on the floor (on a cushion or rug), involves ten movements and associated contemplations.  This practice promotes the experience of spontaneous joy, one of the qualities that resides in an open heart. 

Then 10 movements of Listening to the Heart:

  1. Beginnings and Endings Return to Heaven

  2. Purifying the Center of the Heart

  3. Entering the Heart

  4. Attaining Pure Consciousness

  5. Fulfillment

  6. Moving Towards the Dantian

  7. Freeing Oneself to Become a Saint

  8. Walk to the Center of Heaven

  9. Stirring the Clouds

  10. The Heart is Clear like Water

Excerpt from the contemplation for seventh movement, Listening to the Heart:

The cage of illusion breaks open an done can now see clearly
No matter where one looks, there is love and nothing else but love.
East is west, north is south, all lead to one.
The journey proceeds from any direction; One just has to embark on it.
The rest follows as the shadow follows the sun.
— Sheng Zhen - A Return to Oneness