Releasing the Heart



Releasing the Heart is a carefree and vigorous form.  The ten movements, which are done standing up, combined with the associated contemplations, have the power to bring inner peace and alleviate depression. The movements are meant to be done naturally, without inhibitions, and then one naturally feels happy and at peace.  

The ten movements of Releasing the Heart:

  1. Truth Unfolds Like a Flower

  2. Body Leaps to the Lotus

  3. Floating in a Mist to Truth

  4. The Blending of Qi

  5. Love Like the True Lord

  6. Fly and Return in Peace

  7. Man Embodies the Truth

  8. Like Wind, Like Clouds

  9. Pure Heart Descends

  10. Perched on the Flying Crane

    Closing Movement: Love Comes from One

Excerpt from the contemplation, tenth movement, The Blending of Qi:

This movement gathers the qi of heaven and earth. Go back to the original pure self. There is no difference between that which is material and that which is spiritual. There is only that which exists Truth has no qualities. In this practice, the spirit is elevated to understand the mystery of the form and the formless merging into one.
— Sheng Zhen - A Return to Oneness