Return to Spring


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Inspired by Lao Tzu

Return to Spring, a standing form with fourteen movements and associated contemplations, reflects the harmony found in nature. Through the practice, the practitioner can return to a natural state of ease, harmony, and balance.

This practice moves with qi. Breathing should be natural. Go into a space of emptiness. Enter int nothing. In your heart and in your mind everything is perfect. No good. No bad. No happy. No worry. Go back to your natural state. Then you can begin this practice.

The 14 movements of Return to Spring:

  1. The Spring Sun has Returned

  2. Restoring the Sun to its Origin

  3. Rediscovering the Moon

  4. Returning the Moon

  5. The Source of Thought

  6. Sunrise Brings Back the Light

  7. Flying and Gazing the the Nine Levels of Heaven

  8. Cultivating Your Dan and Higher Self

  9. The Moon Rises and Shines on the West Chamber

  10. The True Moonlight

  11. The Reblooming of Spring FLower

  12. Billowing Silk Like an Endless Road

  13. The Universe Trembles

  14. Qi Returns to Spring

Excerpt from a contemplation for Return to Spring

As you open your body to the universe, as you open your heart to the qi and to love, feel yourself expanding, giving love, receiving love.

The universe offers you unconditional love. You are in the universe and the universe is in you.

As the qi pours into your body, love enters your entire being. Consciously welcome love with your whole heart and mind.