Sheng Zhen Healing Stage One


10th Movement of Sheng Zhen Healing Stage One

10th Movement of Sheng Zhen Healing Stage One

Sheng Zhen Healing Stage One consists of ten gentle movements, done sitting in a chair.  The repeated movements help the practitioner receive healing energy from the universe, thereby harnessing the power of nature for healing.  Like other Sheng Zhen forms, this practice helps relax the body, balance the emotions, quiet the mind, and uplift the spirit. Its ultimate purpose is to open the heart to reveal one’s original state of profound peace and unconditional love.  Over time, the presence of healing energy and unconditional love becomes palpable. This practice is recommended for all, but is especially important for those with cancer or other serious illness.  

This gentle but powerful form is the suggested second step (along with Awakening the Soul) when learning Sheng Zhen, and it remains a core practice for all Sheng Zhen practitioners.  Although effective on its own, Sheng Zhen Healing Stage One is also meant to be practiced immediately prior to a number of other forms, including Sheng Zhen Healing Stage Two (and then eventually the advanced Stage Three) as well as the advanced practices of Breath of Life, Strength in Balance, and Light of Purity

Excerpt from contemplation for Sheng Zhen Healing Stage One

The power of intention is immense
When one summones the qi, the universe reponds
Then, one accepts the fit with faith
Breathing in , breathing out
Qi flows in qi flows out
Blowing the dust from the human stove
Jolting the body from deep slumber
Qi engages the body with love
— Sheng Zhen Healing - Removal of Disease in Three Parts