Sheng Zhen Healing Stage Three


Sheng Zhen Healing Stage Three, Seventh Movement, Austria

Sheng Zhen Healing Stage Three, Seventh Movement, Austria

Sheng Zhen Healing Stage Three, the final part of Sheng Zhen Healing, adds depth and power to the healing practice.  Stage Three allows healing energy to go deep into each cell of the body, and it also has profound spiritual benefits.  Its purpose is described as “the alchemy frees the source within.” 

Although the ten movements of Stage Three are done sitting in a chair, the practitioner must have a very relaxed and synchronized body to do the movements well; if they aren’t done well they will have little benefit.  For that reason, Stage Three is considered an advanced practice and is not recommended until someone has practiced Stage One and Stage Two (or other Sheng Zhen practices) for a long time so the body is sufficiently relaxed.   Stage Three is not a stand-alone form and should only be practiced after first doing Sheng Zhen Healing Stage One and Stage Two immediately beforehand.

Excerpt from the contemplation for Sheng Zhen Healing Stage Three:

From the gentle swaying is born
A freedom that knows no bounds
Back and forth, back and forth
In search of a place within . . .
. . . Nothing is the same - not the mind, not the body
And yet there lies a mystery so familiar
That within the heart there is a knowing
The source was always there
Now free to heal, to remember to make new
Now finally free to love
— Sheng Zhen Healing - Removal of Disease in Three Parts